Tia Rochelle

Tia Rochelle



Tia is a 3rd Year Student at the Academy of Contemporary Music.

As a young girl, if somebody was to tell me that music would be the be-all and end-all of my life, I probably would’ve looked at you confused, chuckled embarrassingly and went back to playing “Mum’s and Dad’s” with my school friends. But here I am, in my early twenties living that exact reality.

I spent my teenage years battling with lack of self esteem, confidence and social anxiety, how am I supposed to do what I love that requires an attitude of the complete opposite?

At aged 14, I was passionately encouraged by my Mother to join a girl group in my local area; after 5 years, I went from being unable to publicly speak to singing more than talking.

Shows, festivals, studio time, photoshoots...you name it, I've been through it and I loved it. Every moment took me to the next stage of becoming the better version of myself, a Soul artist.

Calling all producers, artists and function venues, I’m your girl….lets collab!